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Divine Word Catholic Church

Music Ministry

Cantor Schedule

Saturday Marie/Nick

Sunday 8:30 am Mark

Sunday 11 am    Jim

Upcoming Music Selections

We change now to Cycle B

Confirmation        March 1 7 pm
Processional        O God Beyond All Praising      #598 Gather

Penitential Act     Kyrie   (Sung)          **Gloria**       
Psalm (sung)    use 2nd Sunday in Lent  
Acclamation (sung) use 2nd Sunday in Lent Confirmandi         (Choir sings while seated)              #522 This Is a Day of New Beginnings
                           #517 We Walk His Way                    
        Blessed the Poor in Spirit - handout       
                     Sanctuary - black binder           
                 #663 Lord of All Hopefulness        
                    #764 Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service
Offertory Song              How Beautiful      (black binder)
Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations      sung         
Mass Setting Mass of Creation
Communion         Lord I Am Not Worthy   (#65 black binder)             Let Us Be Bread in case we need it.
Recessional          You Are God (#64 black binder)

Third Sunday in Lent        Mar 2/3
Opening        Again We Keep This Solemn Feast    487
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Offertory          Open My Eyes    
Communion     Come to the Water    
Closing         I Heard the Voice of Jesus.  724

Fourth Sunday in Lent        Mar 9/10
Opening        We Remember        681
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Offertory          Only This I Want        782    
Communion     All Who Hunger        925
Reflection          Adoramus Te Christe     476
Closing        Come To Me, O Weary Traveler    727

Fifth Sunday in Lent        Mar 16/17
Opening        Unless A Grain of Wheat    783
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Offertory         Lamb of God        (handout)            
Communion     Eye Has Not Seen    728
Closing         Though the Mountains May Fall. 689

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord    Mar 23/24
Opening        All Glory Laud and Honor    498
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Gospel        Passion (sung by Fr. Dave, Jim, Nick)
Offertory        O Sacred Head Surrounded    512
Communion     Jesus The Lord            491
Closing        Were You There?            511

Thursday of the Lord’s Supper        Mar 28
meal    + mass
Opening        Lift High The Cross        881
Gloria            Mass of Creation
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Washing Feet    Come and Follow Me    (Gather)
            Basin & Towel
            Laurie song
            Servant Song
Offertory    (LONG, please) These Alone Are Enough     
Closing        Pange Lingua, 2 verses, Tantum Ergo, 1 verse. 509

Good Friday 3 pm service        Mar 29
Silent procession
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Adoration        Gabriel’s Oboe
        Were You There? Octavo
    Calvary    (octavo)
Communion    Behold the Lamb
Closing        in silence