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Divine Word Catholic Church

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Saturday Marie/Nick

Sunday 8:30 am Mark

Sunday 11 am    Jim

Upcoming Music Selections

We are now in Cycle A. Mass settings have changed to (new) Mass of Creation for the Easter Season.

Mass of Thanksgiving for Fr. Jeff Liptak
Saturday, June 3rd 4:30PM Mass
 Prelude Hymn: Instrumental
 Opening Hymn: O God, Almighty Father  Gather 566
Reading: Exodus 34: 4b-6, 8-9
Responsorial Psalm: “Glory and Praise Forever” (Daniel: 3:52,53,54,55)
Reading: 2 Corinthians 13:11-13
Gospel: John 3:16-18
Presentation of The Gifts Hymn: These Alone Are Enough (Gather 650)
Profession of Faith
Eucharistic Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
Sign of Peace
Communion Hymn: Lord, I Am Not Worthy
Reflection: (Magnificat/Chepponis Gather 101)
Closing Remarks
Recessional Hymn: Come Now, Almighty King (Gather 562)

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ    June 10/11
Opening        A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing        545
Psalm            New Gather
Body & Blood Sequence
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Offertory          Spirit Blowing Through Creation    555
Communion     Take and Eat            950
Closing          Lord You Give The Great Commission. 544

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time    June 17/8
Opening         Gather Us In
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Offertory          God Has Chosen Me
Communion    On Eagle’s Wings (octavo)
Reflection        My Father’s Eyes (Amy Grant)  
Closing          Faith of Our Fathers

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time    June 24/25
Opening         Here I Am Lord
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Offertory          In Every Age
Communion     Be Not Afraid        
Closing          Rain Down  

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time    July 1/2
Opening        Here I Am To Worship
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Offertory          Draw Me Close
Communion     We Are One Body    
Closing          Your Grace Is Enough

July 4th        9 am
Opening        My Country Tis Of Thee
Psalm            New Gather
Acclamation    Respond & Acclaim
Offertory         The Hand of God Shall Hold You   981
Communion     Bread of Life, Cup of Blessing    
Closing         Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory